Frequently asked questions

What gives COUPS value?

A COUPS value is determined in real time when the reciever accepts the token. Discount value should be announced by the person providing the discount before hand. Token recievers can then try and recoup some of their lost profits by reselling the tokens on the exchange. If somone is having a promotional event then they might come up with an acceptable amount to spend to purchase COUPS in bulk from sellers/merchants trying to recover loss. COUPS can also be traded peer to peer as needed between individuals if CTA (cost to acquire) exceeds their prjected value.

Can COUPS be used to purchase products or services?

The value of the COUP and what they are redeemable for is soley up to the person offering the product or service. COUPS are never issued with a value attached.

How many COUPS exist?

An intial supply of 7.8 billion were minted. This was to represent 1 COUP for every estimated human today.

How could I possibily benefit?

COUPS are extremely valued in the way they can be used for universal promotions and discounts across the entire BitCoin ecosystem. Assuming all merchants accept the tokens. So a company can give out 300 COUPS to individuals for a 10% discount on products in their store. But that those COUPS could also be accepted at another retailer for a similar or better discount. In this essence the coins are free flowing around the entire retail sector of BitCoin allowing fluiditity and convience for the customer while allowing the merchant to give out promotions with a chance of recouping a portion of those funds.

Is there a limitation to how many coups I can request?

COUPS requests are subject to a review before issuance.

Who is behind COUPS?


Why were so many tokens minted?

7.8 billiopn coups were minted in reference to the average estimated global population. But as time goes on a locked in circulation amount will be needed for future advertising and budget plannnig. Remaming minted Tokens will start being burned off after 01Jan2022. Formula: amouninCirculation*currentYear/bsvusdPrice